Anglican Women at Prayer

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Zeyneb Sayilgan

Imagine, Anglican women from across the world, bound by an abiding love for Jesus, sharing personal stories, deepest hopes, dreams and personal prayers. Imagine, the diversity of Anglican women from across the world, praying with dance and music, through art and poetry, and in silence. Women gathered, listening to one another and to God. Imagine, Anglican women from across the world, forever bound in an international community of mutually supportive prayers. The Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross imagined these possibilities and hosted, along with Virginia Theological Seminary (VTS), a conference that began the reality of that imagining.

Anglican Women at Prayer: Weaving Our Bonds of Affection gathered 120 women from across the Anglican Communion from March 14-16, 2014 on the campus of VTS in Alexandria, Virginia, to worship, sing, learn about one another’s lives, pray for and with one another, share how and for what we pray, and most of all to begin developing bonds of affection. Plenary sessions were led by the Rev. Dr. Eleanor Sanderson, vicar of St. Alban’s Anglican Church in Eastbourne, New Zealand.