When things happen in our world, we pray, and on our Facebook pageAnglican Women Praying for Current Events Around the World, we want to share our thoughts and prayers as a community. Please click on the link below and join our Facebook group so that we may pray together in relationship

Anglican Women Praying For current Events Around the World

Anglican Women Praying for Current Events Around the World

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5 thoughts on “Anglican Women Praying for Current Events Around the World

  1. Pray for the United States as it enters the final months of this election cycle. Pray that love not hate guides the discourse, that we realize more and more that being connected–woven in a multitude of colored threads–is the way to peace and prosperity for all of God’s children around the world.

  2. Pray for the millions of Syrian children, women and men displaced by war, denied medical help and a welcome in the West.

  3. A prayer from a US Seminary remembering sites of gun violence in our country.

    I will remember Charleston with love determined to rid our nation of violence against black lives. I will remember Orlando with love strong enough to cherish the lives of my LGBT neighbors. I will love this country with a power that says no more to violence, no more hate, no more death. I will remember Orlando and Charleston with a determination to love. Together we will end the contagion of fear.

    Rev. John Vaughn is the Executive Vice President of Auburn Seminary.

    I came across this vow determined to love. I pray that this site for sharing praying may call forth the prayers of our global sisters who face violence in their own countries.

    Sisters, how do you pray for the end of violence where you live? Can we build understanding and love in our world as we pray together?

  4. Can we try as Anglican women around the world to share praying? What that means to me, a member of the Episcopal Church in the US, and a Companion of the holy Cross, is to find words to share with other women so that we can open our hearts to each other and call on the Power of God to lead us forward into the vision God has for all humankind. Could each one of us who has a friend in another part of our Anglican Communion invite them to share their prayers on this site for what they yearn for in our world?

    I am praying that those of us who feel sheltered and safe can in praying let others know how much many of us call on God to protect the vulnerable, the refugee, the children, the homeless, the unstable and the mourning with any tiny sign of comfort that brings hope. And that those of us who do not feel safe may join us with what words are on their hearts.

    Can we use this site as a bridge where women from other cultures pray with each other?

    What are you praying from your home?

    May God’s peace open pathways to us for reconciliation and love through praying together.


  5. The Facebook group, Anglican Women Praying for Current Events Around the World, is monitored and secure, so please pray what is on your heart.

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