ECVA   artwork

Episcopal Church Visual Arts is contributing to the conference by curating an online exhibit featuring work about about prayer by artists across the Anglican Communion. You can view the exhibit starring March 14, 2014 here.  Read the call to artists here. (link to come).

Episcopal Church and Visual Arts (ECVA) is an association of Episcopal artists that strives to encourage:

– visual artists in the Episcopal church to use their creative gifts for the glory of God;
– individuals to explore the opportunities visual arts offer in their spiritual journeys;
– parishes and cathedrals to incorporate visual arts in their total programs; and
– conversations and research in issues related to the visual arts, theology, and culture.

Members of ECVA members are individuals and groups who work at the intersections of art and faith. Registry members may include artists, musicians, clergy, cathedrals, congregational art groups, and other friends of the arts. Form more information about ECVA please go here.