Anglican Women at Prayer (AWaP) is a movement within the Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross (SCHC). Companions of the Holy Cross are Episcopal women living in dispersed community who share a vocation of prayer, and of transformation and reconciliation within ourselves, within our Companionship, within our faith communities, and within the whole creation.

At a time when religious and ethnic conflict dominates world news, the Companions see the potential for Anglican women from across the world, bound by an abiding love for Jesus, to leap over those conflicts and help change the world through our common love and trust in prayer. Hence, a group of Companions began an organic movement to connect Anglican women from across the globe dedicated to the work of interceding with God on behalf of the world’s people with both prayer and action.   AWaP endeavors to arrange opportunities for women to discover and acknowledge the transforming nature of prayer through personal witness and its unifying effect on all of us as well as to establish lasting relationships of women who will pray with and for one another.

In 2014, the AWaP group of Companions teamed up with Virginia Theological Seminary to host Anglican Women at Prayer: weaving our bonds of affection. Fredrick Buechner wisely said, “The place God calls you to is where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”  The world hungers for social justice, peace and the unity of all people.  The SCHC is called to address these needs out of its charism of prayer and VTS through its charism of forming leaders. This extraordinary conference gathered 120 women from across the Anglican Communion in March 2014,  both face-to-face and by Skype, to worship, sing, learn about one another’s lives, pray for and with one another, share how and for what we pray, and most of all to begin developing bonds of affection.

The fruits of this conference are available on this website under Resources for Individuals and Small Groups.  Share our experience through videos of the keynote speakers and resources designed to use with the video for individual and small groups, and the Conference Bible studies in English and Swahili.

This event was the beginning of the movement to provide opportunities for Anglican women across the globe to share in prayer. Visit the Praying for Current Events for reflections and prayers shared by other women who trust in the power and presence of prayer.  Prayers and ministry can also be shared via “Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross” on Facebook.

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