Prayer for the kidnapped Nigerian girls, May 2014

O God, we cry out to you
for the lives and the freedom
of the 276 kidnapped girls in Nigeria.
In their time of danger and fear,
pour out your strong Spirit for them.
Make a way home for them in safety.
Make a way back for them
to the education that will lift them up.
Hold them in the knowledge
that they are not captive slaves,
they are not purchased brides,
but they are your beloved daughters,
and precious in your sight.
Change the hearts and minds of their kidnappers
and of all who choose violence against women and girls.
Cast down the mighty from their seat,
and lift up the humble and meek,
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Written by, Elizabeth Smith, Diocese of Perth, Anglican Church of Australia

Submitted by Ann Skamp, IAWN Steering Group

13 Responses to Prayers for Current Events

  1. Leila Diab says:

    We pray that these precious young women continue to have faith and strength. Give them courage and love oh Lord. Grant their parents patience to endure this violent act till their return. Soften oh Lord the heart of those that abducted them. Praying for peace for all.

    • Phoebe Griswold says:

      Thank you for your lovely broad prayer. I think as Moms we keep these girls in our hearts at every moment.
      Your partner in prayer,


  2. Comfort and strengthen these dear ones. Bind the power of evil, restore all held captive
    and bring them safely home, to the arms of their bereaved parents.

  3. Sarah M. Braik says:

    I pray also that the Holy Spirit penetrates the hearts of the captors and all members of Boku Haram, persuading them to let the girls go. I pray for amendment of life for all those who believe extremist violence and terrorism are in conformity with God’s will.

  4. purple69me says:

    May God surround these girls; as well as, their families and friends with love, comfort and strength.

  5. PHILLIPS says:

    Yes,..Prayers In the right direction,!…yes now is the time that,….””the LORD set ambushement against ‘Boko Haram”and d power behinde them,which were against,,.Christianity,.etnick,.peace of NIGERIA,..”they be all smitten IJN.

  6. Ellen S. Giblin says:

    On this day after our USA Mothers Day, I pray with all mothers around the world for the safety and dignity of our daughters, especially for these kidnapped daughters.

  7. May these and all pleas and prayers help these girls and all children kidnapped from there homes and those who truly love them – God please bless and protect all who so desperately need your love and guidance -may we all find peace in your love

  8. Rita Smalling says:

    We pray for these precious girls and for all girls who dare to get an education against hostile forces. May the Holy Spirit be with them in this dark hour and with their families, and may they be safely returned to their families.

  9. Frances Joy Dodson says:

    Dear Lord, grant them strength and courage as they await release from their captors.

  10. Susan Butler says:

    We pray also for all that are caught up in the violence which is increasing as the world commits to a search for the girls. May the girls always know that God is with them in their fear and suffering and never give up hope.

  11. Barbara Cavin says:

    Prayer is the only action I can take, and the most powerful thing I can do. Prayers, like this one are comforting in their power and passion. May we all pray that God’s will be done; the girls are safely returned and that they recover from this dreadful experience of man’s evil deeds.


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