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Weaving Our Bonds of Affection Poem, by Betty Lane, SCHC


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Thoughts from Linda McVay, SCHC, on the AWAP Conference:

“Praying is what we Companions are all about. To come together with women from all over the world to pray together and share how we learned to pray was a unique experience. In our small group we had a woman from South Africa, another from India and two women associated with VTS, as well as Companions. We shared our stories and our brokenness and held each other in prayer. For me, one of the most interesting parts of the weekend was the dialogue between the Muslim woman and the priest from New Zealand. It led me to explore the idea of inviting women from all three faith traditions to Adelynrood in 2015. Plans are under way. I will never forget the Prayers of the People during the Eucharist Service on Sunday when we heard prayers in Japanese and Spanish, as well as those we wrote in our small groups. The bread and wine were carried to the altar by women in their native dress. It was a celebration of women, Christian women of prayer from all corners of the world. I was blessed to be a part of it”.

Notes from Anglican Women at Prayer Conference, by Sarah Barik

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