Though the world is seemingly smaller because of technology, the divisions between and within cultures seem to be expanding. The Society and VTS endeavor to connect Anglican women dedicated to the work of interceding with God on behalf of the world’s people with both prayer and action. We hope to provide a safe place to discover and acknowledge the transforming nature of prayer through personal witness and its unifying effect on all of us as well as to establish lasting relationships of women who will pray with and for one another.

Fredrick Buechner wisely said, “The place God calls you to is where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”  The world hungers for social justice, peace and the unity of all people.  The SCHC is called to address these needs out of its charism of prayer and VTS through its charism of forming leaders.

As the locus of international programs and cross-cultural dialogue at Virginia Theological Seminary, the VTS Center for Anglican Communion Studies is co-sponsoring this conference because it is consistent with one of the Seminary’s strategic goals, namely to serve the Anglican Communion and the wider Church. As part of that goal, the Seminary and the Center seek to increase the number of women in the Anglican Communion who are involved in leadership.

Conference Outcomes

  • Begin to build sustainable bridges among Anglican women across the world through prayer.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of why, for what and how we pray.
  • Identify ways to pray for and with one another across diverse global contexts.
  • Gain deeper understandings of the human challenges we address in differing contexts globally in poverty, education, leadership and health.
  • Strengthen the bonds of mutual affection among Anglican women.

Outcomes beyond the Conference

  • Participants share what they learned with women in their home communities for the purpose of establishing personal relationships of prayer with Anglican women that cross cultural and national boundaries.
  • A leadership team establishes effective and culturally appropriate mechanisms to facilitate and sustain these relationships.

Long-term Outcome

  • A sustained community of Anglican women connected through prayer, personal stories, concerns, and thanksgivings.