The foundations of the bridges built between women during the conference, Anglican Women at Prayer: Weaving our Bonds of Affection, were laid during the four small group sessions. These small groups were comprised of eight women and where possible, two women were from seminaries, two were from an international context and four were members of the Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross. Participants answered four questions and summaries are included below. AWaP Committee members think these answers are not only eloquent, but reveal the similarities and diversities of our prayer experiences as women of the Anglican Communion. It is from these voices that future bridges can be built to weave bond of affections around our globe.

The four questions are:

1. For what do you pray?

2. How do you pray and with whom do you pray?

3.  How would you describe to another what God is like after hearing the stories and knowing God’s presence with you?

4. What are some of the fist things that you will tell others at home about what you have experiences at this conference?

 Please enjoy your sister’s deep responses to these questions.

How can these heart felt voices help build bridges between us?